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i love this site

todd – Age 11, hplland, PA

Earth dog saves the earth and he can save our planet anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nicole – Age: 9, Brooklyn, NY

I liked your letter. I wish I was there with you.



And to you too.




Hello My name is Joshua

I love the master!

Please, I would love to hear from you!


Joshua – Age-11, Viola,Il

My name is Madeline and I just wanted to tell you Earthdog how terrible it is. Oh Earthdog it is terrible! The pollution is just so terrible! The air is so dark and it is hard to breath. All the fish in the lakes get caught in the trash. All the animals get hurt and it just looks bad. I try to clean it up but I can’t because there is just so much of it. nobody wants to help either. they say ewwww I don’t want to get my hands dirty.

I really think that you could help Earthdog. You are just so intrested and care so much about the enviorment. I think maybe you could encourage the people to help by telling them about the bad things pollution con do. You can tell them about recycing and how to conserve water. Then we could have awards, contests , prizes and pictures with you. I know that you and me and the people from this organization can’t be the only ones who care.”Right”. I know that Franklinvillle New Jersey isn’t a big place but every little bit counts. I know you care wso please Earthdog oh please Earth dog come to my town. It would make me the happiest fifth grader around! Thank You so very much Earthdog for reading this essay and carring so much about the enviorment. Earthdog, I truely mean it when I thank you.

Madeline – Age: 10, Franklinville, NJ


People Have been thowing away garbage everywhere, some in the trash cans,and some wherever.1:it is being thrown everywhere, and the Earth and the environment is being poluted and turned into a dump. 2:about 40 percent of it is recyclable,and some reusable, think of how much cleaner the earth would be if we recycled and reused stuff thats recyclable and reusable.Help Earth Dog figure out how to get people to do the right thing, instead of doing the wrong thing.

Alexandra – Age: 9 started 1st Grade when I was 4

Corvallis, Oregon

Earth Dog! We need you! Our garbage is pilling up so high astronauts can see it from the moon! The problem started when people got containers that doesn’t break down, or disintigrate, an example of this harmful substance would be plastic. Your mission, should you choose to exept it: To help people of our nation cut back on the garbage. Earth Dog, you can motive people to recycle. You can put cool ways of using garage on your web page, such as making a wind chime out of metal cans. Garbage is taking up space the world’s animals need for homes! Earth Dog, I and all of our animals hope you agree to this important mission!

Lauren – Age 12, Minnetonka, MN

Watching a recent article on television I saw where a man was searching for sunken treasures and found thousands and thousands of logs under one of the Great Lakes. It was his idea to salvage these logs. Many years ago the forests were so thick that the trees took longer to grow, making the wood harder. If money was spent searching the ocean and lakes and using the logs under water would help save trees and also help clean up our rivers, oceans and lakes. We were at the beach and saw logs on top of logs and a sign saying that “No swimming do to the logs in the water are deadly. If we were able to get the logs out of the ocean before anyone was hurt. It may be a little more costly to tryto salvage trees this way but look how much cleaner our beaches would be and how much safer. But most of all look how many less trees would not need to be cut down. I also saw a advertisement for cotton toliet paper. Why not use more cotton. This would also save trees and help the economy because there would be a big demand for the crop. Giving farmers more work. Needing more equipment would create more jobs.

Alecia – Age 12, Washington State

Fruit Fly is the name given to several kinds of flies, but generally to members of the families Trypetidae and Drosophilidae.The latter are better called small fruit flies or vinegar flies: they have been used very extensively in the study of genetics and animal behavior on account of the brevity of their life cycle, which is completed in ten days, and because their salivary gland chromosomes are large and can be readily studied under a microscope.The true fruit flies, Trypetidae, are much larger and include species that are pests as well as many that are beneficial because they destroy noxious plants and their seeds.The larvae form galls on roots and stems of plants.The most injurious ones attack edible fruits.The Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata, attacks grapes, melons, oranges, and many tropical and subtropical fruits.

Jaime – Age 12, Aukland New Zealand


The United States was once covered with trees, now only a small portion of that is trees and more trees are being cut down every second to provide paper for schools and businesses all over the world. Trees provide homes for wild animals, every time a tree is cut down more wild animals lose their homes, the animals population lowers as well as the trees. If we keep cutting down trees then our children in the future won’t get to have the oppurtunity to see these animals and the beautiful forests. When the trees move out more city (citys) come in, and the city world will eventually take over all of the natural clean aired world. Trees provide air for us to breath, if all the trees are cut down then their eventually won’t be enough oxygen for everyone to breath. By cutting down trees we are destorying our future and existence. We could clean this up so no more trees are cut down by finding a new ingredient for paper and using land like the desert to build more citys instead of destroying all the beautiful forests that are left.

Heather – Age 11, California

The one major environmental problem we face in this world is logging of trees.Here in Australia,logging is currently only carried out in state forests.But in a matter of time , native forests will be logged too. It’s alarming when trees a being cut down in the space of a 400 m oval every two seconds.Thats a lot of trees if we think it about it.As time goes on, we are going to get new technology which will someway tie in with environment.It is estimated that by the year 2020 we will be using more then double the amount of paper and woodchips.Jsut imagine how many more trees will ahve to be cut down additionally? So many trees and forests have been cut down already and resources wasted.I mean how much paper do we waste these days?Billions of it is thrown away each day when it can easily be recyled and used again.The more paper we throw away ,the more trees are cut down.It costs more money to regenerate coupes,so we don’t people recylce more?Is it becuase we are lazy or becuase there isn’t enough facilitites?Personally I think it is both.If only we could motivate poeple to try save our earth maybe more things would be set up to help the environment .

Our environment is one of those things we take for granted.At the rate we are wasting valuable resources,it won’t be around for too much longer.What about the animals who live in these trees?Those who have shelter there only to venture out and be welcomed back by a loud scary noise and no way to their home which has proobably been destroyed by now.What chance do they have against local predators now?Where are they going to find mates?Think about a fire in our fireplace,sure its warm,cozy and we all will mostly admit we enjoy it.But there is such a large percentage of wood from loogging that goes to firewood which just burns in front of us and then it is goes up in smoke. Logging destroys habitats and animals yet we claim we couldn’t do without it.Maybe we can’t but why cut down so much when a lot of it is just carelessly thrown away and wasted?It doesn’t make sense. I am not saying to ban all logging becuase we couldn’t survive without some of the things wood provides us with ie: paper, housing etc.Also wiping out logging would cause a lot of unemployment as there are many families who survive on timber. I don’t think that there are as many people who appreciate the environment s we would like, especially our forests.What are we going to do when they are all logged and all the new trees arn’t quite old enough to be logged?There are certain animals who rely on habitat trees ie hollows.It takes at least 100 years for a tree to fet so old that a large branch would fall off, creating a cosy hollow.Are we prepared too wait that long? The environment was a gift given by who ever might have created this world we live in.Lets not abuse something that provides us with so much joy and permits us to help make the world run smoothly.

Kylie – Age 14, Melbourne, Vic

Recycling is important in my family. Our family likes to recycle things like you can re use the plastic shopping bags again. We have a recycling bin in our house, it has a yellow lid and it’s green all around. Things that you can recycle at a recycling center are things like aluminium cans, glass bottles, paper, newspaper and milk cartons. sometimes I keep the glass bottles to use them as a water bottle or play bowling with it. I don’t like it when people don’t recycle because paper comes from trees and then if people don’t recycle then you will have to chop down more trees and then the birds and other living things can’t live in it anymore.You can also save the paper by using the back, when you finished with the front.

Samuel – Age 6, Perth Washington

we should dump the all the things that creat bad air. we should use an electronic train or things that will not made a bad air.

Fernando – Age 12, Paramount, California

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