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Mysteries of the universe

Why is the sky blue?

When do we stop growing?

Why do we get ice cream headaches?


What’s cool in the wired school?

Are you working on a great Web site at school or as a class project?


Think Earth is too small for you?

Explore Space News and see what the view is like for an astronaut on the Space Shuttle or find out what the International Space Station will look like with our virtual reality model.


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Good luck Earth Dog reporters!

Attention Earth Dog Reporters, MSNBC on the Internet is a valuable source for news and information on everything from the environment to scientific mysteries .

Hot News stories from

I have included some really great news stories from MSNBC.COM that may effect you & your family in the future, you decide.

Ask your parents & teachers to help you with these stories, since they were written for adults, work together on this & discuss them in your classroom. (Print a copy and bring it to school with you!)

If you have questions on these stories, ask your teacher to help you call your local newspaper & TV station for more information ( Get them involved!)

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