Letter to the Press

Dear Newsroom Editor,

I am an Earth Dog.

I would like to invite you to become an Earth Dog, here’s why.

An Earth Dog is someone who cares about the environment. The real Earth Dog can be visited on the worldwide web at www.earthdog.org

Earth Dogs believe that we all are entitled, including the press, to the essentials for a healthy natural life that nature desperately tries to provide. Clean air, water and soil. We also believe that everyone, including the press, has a responsibility to preserve those essentials, now and for future generations. While many try to convince us that there is nothing to worry about, the quality of our environment continues to decline. Everywhere and everyday I hear about air that we should not breathe, water that we should not drink and soil devoid of minerals or contaminated with chemicals. Fish are being caught with horrible sores because of pollution in the water. The radio tells us not to put gas in our cars during the day when ozone levels are dangerously high.

I hope that you will become an Earth Dog and do regular reports on the condition of our air, water and soil and what each one of us can do to make things better.

Your friend,

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