Club Invitation

Dear friend,

I just wanted to let you know about a neat new club I have joined, The Earth Dog Club at:

If you are as concerned about the environment as I am, then as an Earth Dog I would like to invite you to visit the Earth Dog site on the World Wide Web.

You could win prizes and your school could win a WebTV while learning about the environment. Read The Earth Dog Story, enter the contest. Join the Earth Dog Club, it’s free! Plus some really neat Games are about to arrive on the site!

Go to the Activities page and participate in activities from National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Tom Snyder Productions and more!

The Mail Page has letters from other Earth Dog Club members from all over the country, see what they have to say. The Press Page will tell you how Earth Dog was introduced this year to educators as part of their outreach program.

There is an Environmental Groups Page where you can visit with the Sierra Club, National Wild Life Federation, Defenders of Wild Life, World Wild Life Fund and more. The News Page is on it’s way.

If you care about the environment, visit the site, become an Earth Dog and get involved!

Your Friend,

Visit The Earth Dog Web Site At:

Join the Club!

(Note: You can print-and-mail or copy & paste  invitation and send as an E-mail letter as well!)                                                                

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